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SP1 installation problems (was: somebody help me!!!)

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  • SP1 installation problems (was: somebody help me!!!)

    i dont know where to put this , but someone please help me !!!
    the problem is this i downloaded the sp1 for windows server 2003 , but after everything was installed and i reboot my computer i get an error on the desktop saying explorer error the memory could not be read, and also after i
    click ok , it stats again and again. i cant pass from there !!!

    i can only get in bye using safemode.

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    Re: somebody help me!!!

    1. Its bad idea to upgrade server without proper backup, drivers and BIOS upgrade etc...

    2. Try to use MSCONFIG and dont load any application/service that doesnt belond to MS.
    If this doesnt helped, please add the exact error message, errors in the event log, server hardware spec etc.
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    Yuval Sinay

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