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change the boot.ini after mirror

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  • change the boot.ini after mirror

    Hi !
    I have A W2K Server+SP4; i mirrored 2 IDE HD -with success!
    Now i have to change the Boot.ini so that when 1 disk will fail the other will boot up normally.
    How do i do it?
    Thanks in advance,

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    The boot.ini won't do this.. By this I mean auto fall over to the 2nd drive.

    It is nothing more than a text file that resides in the bootstrap of the primary drive. Windows uses its information to determine where the system partition is located. Once it points you in the right direction its done.

    If can be modified to allow you to list more than one drive/partition and default to one after a timeout period, but it won't fall over to another drive if the default drive/parition fails to load. It doesn't know if the drive loads or not.

    For a simple fall over solution, try putting the mirrored drive as the 2nd boot device in your bios and the primary as 1st. It won't fall over on OS errors/failure but if the drive catastrophically fails, bios doesn't detect it or its boot sector it will. To make this work the 2nd drive must be either a dynamic volume or primary dos partition and have an intact boot.ini. If you mirrored the disk it should be ok as is.

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