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dns zones?

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  • dns zones?


    i have a AD zone in my corporate domain and a secondary
    zone in my remote domain. the SOA on the AD zone is 1720
    while the SOA on the secondary shows 1666. how can I get
    the secondary zone to update its information to the
    correct information in the AD zone. The information in
    the AD zone is correct. I have tried incrementing the
    serial number on the AD zone, I tried performing the
    Transfer from Master option on the secondary. Is there
    anything else I am missing. What should I do to solve
    this problem?


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    Any errors in the DNS event log? Anything blocking the transfer traffic? Did you try to just delete the secondary zone and re-create it?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Well there is this old trick that I have learned in windows 2000. You have to create a secondoary zone with the same name as the primary zone in your AD. That way replication will take place, and you will have all the records in the AD in your subdomain. If you are using windows 2003 then you can use forwarder or stub zones.
      Best regards,
      Mostafa Itani

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        DNS zone


        I am using two Windows 2000 Servers. I have tried deleting the secondary zone and recreating it but to no avail. The DNS server on the primary server is not logging any errors, however the secondary server is logging the following errors:

        Event Id - 4015, 4011, 6534, 6527.

        The AD zone and secondary zone both have the same name. I stopped the DNS service on the secondary and primary zone and it pulled in a zone file. However upon checking the information I realised that the zone is out of date. The serial number on the Primary is 1720 and on the secondary 1666. THe zone transfer tab has the IP address of the seondary server listed.

        Is there anything I am missing. What can I do to solve this problem/