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xcopy command for NTFS partitions

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  • xcopy command for NTFS partitions

    In previous version of windows (9X/etc) there was a command prompt utility which with the right parameters would copy all the hard disk’s files (inc. hidden and system files) into another drive. The command was ‘xcopy C:\. D:\. /s /e /h /k /r /s’. This worked fine for all FAT partitions. Now I want to do the same for an XP-NTFS partition and transfer the complete contents of the disk into a larger drive. Any one know whether there is any command prompt utilities that does this for NTFS and also what parameters should be used. If not any one tried any other way?



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    Use the Xcacls.exe from the windows 2000 resource kit or search for it on microsoft site & download it. This file will set NTFS permissions on a file or a directory or a drive,

    Type xcacls /? at the command will give you the sysntax for working with this file.

    Ex : setting full ntfs permissions to the admin group on the d:\users folder
    xcacls d:\users /g administrators:f /t /y

    Xcopy still works on XP/2000
    xcopy /?
    ex: XCopy /H /S /E /I /C /K /O

    Hope this helps.Let me know


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      What you are looking for is Robocopy.exe, a part of the Ressource Kit of Windows XP. It will copy the files and the NTFS security too, if that is what you want. Like that, you don't have to set the security again with another tool.
      On the other hand, it is MUCH more powerful than Xcopy or whatever other program copying from the command prompt.
      I wrote a message in this forum about this particular subject. It has the link to download the program.
      Have fun!



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        you can still use Xcopy utility with administrator acount
        , but after finishing copy process you will have to set needed NTFS permitions and owners for files (all will be oned by administrator)
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