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Enforcing a password policy

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  • Enforcing a password policy

    I need to enforce passords on my win2000 domain. How do I force my users to change their passwords at the next login? Is there a GPO setting for this?

    I don't think I should have to enable this individually for each user, do I?

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    Re: Enforcing a password policy

    Hi lincoln.

    Yes, there is a group policy setting for this.

    Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Account Policies\Password Policy

    For more info:

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      Re: Enforcing a password policy

      I saw this setting and it did not work. I need to enforce the password change for existing users, this setting only applies to creating new ones.

      None of my users use passwords at all. So I want them to be forced to setup a password when the log in the next time.


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        Re: Enforcing a password policy

        Password policies can be pushed to Active Directory domain members via GPO for automation, but one rule you should keep in mind is that password policies are only defined and enforced by the Default Domain Policy GPO, or a GPO that you apply to the domain.

        My point here is that although you will find password policy settings that you can apply to GPOs and link to OUs or sites, they will be ignored. Password policies are only effective when defined in GPOs that are applied at the domain level.

        It is for this reason that when you are planning Active Directory design for an entity that requires different/separate password policies, multiple domains will need to be implemented. For certification candidates, this concept is straight off the 70-219 and 70-297 exams.
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