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setting xp domain file permissions

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  • setting xp domain file permissions

    Hello, Hola, Shalom. I'm a first timer here.

    I have a 2000 server and all XP SP2 workstations in a domain.
    How do you push a file permission change to a specific folder common to all the workstations. I want to give full control to the domain users group for this folder and sub-folders.

    Your web site is amazing! I've been searching your knowledgebase, but not sure of exactly what keywords to use.

    Bruce - Chicago

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    Re: setting xp domain file permissions


    I'm presuming this is for a new program you have rolled out. The easiest way is to set the permissions on your xp image so that every machine built has the correct permissions. But in your situation where the machines are already built and on the domain its either going to be doing it longhand, or putting an xcacls line into your logon script. if you try that remember to test it as a user though - i've done something similar before and it worked fine for me - but I'm a domain admin not a user!! I'm sure some of the guys who are good with scripting would have an easy way to do it for you.

    good luck



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      Re: setting xp domain file permissions

      It is not very complicated. Actually there are several ways to handle this request.
      One of them is using GPO.
      SMS server, scripting can also help you.
      Create a GPO; apply it to the OU that contains the xp sp2 computers. You can also filter this GP. (Pict1)
      Edit GP and create a proper entry in Security settings/File System. (Pict2 and 3)
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        Re: setting xp domain file permissions

        Thank you gentlemen. That was certainly fast.