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cant ping inside local network

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  • cant ping inside local network

    i have a BIG problem.
    i cant ping to computers inside my network.
    i can remote control them, can see the in my DHCP, in my DNS (forward and backward) but can ping MOST Of them... i can ping a few...
    i havent done any change in my network latly, the problem is that i have a scanner that supposed to connect to those client throw ip and he can send them what the user scan as well.
    working with sbs2000.
    any ida ?

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    Re: cant ping inside local network

    check the computer to which u cannot ping if firewall if no or not
    if u want firewall to be allow echo port to be open to ping


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      Re: cant ping inside local network

      As stated, check if the XP SP2 workstations have ping blocked by the WS firewall.
      Plus do you know Daniel has an SBS forum where you can ask more of this type of question as well as get you on the road to upgrade to 2003/Longhorn in the near future (you know that SBS is nearing end of life?)

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        Re: cant ping inside local network

        configure your router firewallfor further access using port 3389 in your routers port forwarding .