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Change C Partition Size - Please help!

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  • Change C Partition Size - Please help!

    I have 3 x 72.8 gig scsi drives on a w2003 server. Whatever way it was setup the C drive is 15 gig and almost out of space. The only other drive is my D drive and it's 121 Gig with lots of free space.

    Most of the apps are installed on the C drive and with all patches service packs I only have 1 gig free. I don't want to remove ISA Server, Norton etc and reinstall them on the other partition.

    I have done the obvious and checked temp files and removed anything not required from the C drive.

    My question is what's the easiest way to resize ? Server magic or some 3rd part utility ? Or would It be easier to add a new disk ?


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    Re: Change C Partition Size - Please help!

    well big bear you're going to struggle!

    Like you suggest the easiest way is probably to use a third party utility like server magic. It really depends on how the logical drives are configured. You could try and convert your c and d drives to dynamic disks, then try to steal some of the space from c: to d:

    If you add another disk you still wont be able to allocate that space to c: unless its dynamic.

    Backup and rebuild might be your best option!


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      Re: Change C Partition Size - Please help!

      What is the drive configuration setup? 3 x 72GB with 15GB on C: with 1GB free and 121GB D: drive doesn't really tell us much.
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        Re: Change C Partition Size - Please help!

        Well it's a raid 5 setup with 3 psyscial disks each 72.8 gig. Only partitions created are c 15 gig and E 121 gig. Would I be right in assuming the rest of the space is for parity ?

        One other question . Id i use acronis Disk Director for example would they affect my Hardware raid 5.

        Many thanks!



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          Re: Change C Partition Size - Please help!

          In a RAID 5 config you will lose 1 disks worth of space for parity.

          To increase your c: you will need to use something like Server Magic.

          Please remember and backup your entire system first.