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School project, please help

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  • School project, please help

    hi there i'm Leafar i'm new here and i really need help with goes:

    i study IT and have a project that will take 2 days, the point is that there are 2 computers both broken and i will need to make 1 working computer with parts from both broken pc's ,

    today i had to de-assemble both computers and tommorow i have to assemble one, but when i de-assembled both i also already checked some parts that work and some that don't (so it'll be easier tommorow)

    but when i checked both harddisks i saw that both of them had no jumpers, now is it possible to assemble a working computer with all basic hardware (i.e. harddisk, cd-rom drive, floppy-drive) without any jumpers?

    i'm asking this because i already had to do this project and failed.... because i never heard of the term jumper settings....(foolish me...*ashamed* so eventually i changed the jumper settings and it worked, but it was to late,

    and now both harddisks don't even have a jumper....
    please help....

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    Re: School project, please help

    somewhere on the hdd there should be a label with the jumper settings shown you may find that if no jumper is present the drive acts as a single master. if thats the case just make sure to connect your drive to the last connector on the ide cable. check in the bios to make sure it recognises the hdd. if not you must be able to pinch a jumper from somewhere!!

    good luck


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      Re: School project, please help

      Hard drive jumper settings This should allow you to research all you want to know about jumpersettings for the various hard drives available. While Jem's advice is generally true, there are a few exceptions to what is stated. If you still have problems, post back with the brand names of the drives.
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        Re: School project, please help

        also try to look at the page of the manufacturer of the disk
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          Re: School project, please help

          thanks for the input guys,

          i just want to get this clear,
          i have to build a pc (most parts are easy) but i just don't get the connection with the harddisk, cd-rom and floppy drives...

          oke i have these cables a gray one with the tip(connector) blue and i put that on the motherboard and connect it with the harddisk, but that same cable has branches to a new connector which i presume goes to the CD-Rom drive, but when i power up the computer with all else in place there seems to be a problem and the computer doesn't go to the windows login screen... but if there are no jumpers present , i don't think i need them, but i will ask any way to the teacher if i can use a spare jumper....?


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            Re: School project, please help

            this is the cable i was talking about:

            so the blue one goes into the motherboard, the black one to the harddrive and the gray one to the CD-ROM drive? and i need to put a jumper as "cable select" ?


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              Re: School project, please help

              Do you have another ribbon? It's best to have the cd rom on a different channel then the HDD. Also, without jumpers, it may not be possible to have them on the same ribbon but of course this all depends on the manufacturer's specs.
              Furthermore, there may be some configurations to do in the BIOS e.g. making the HDD an available boot device.

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                Re: School project, please help

                oh yes i made it just barely,

                thank you guys i couldn't have done it without your input,

                when i was busy i was trying all kinds of things with the jumpers but then i realized i had another ribbon and used that and it worked

                i'm happy once again thank you all