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  • pb with wsus

    hi every body
    i have a problem with my wsus i have it in windows 2003 server
    after that i have configured my gpo in my active directory server to get the update from the server
    but the client still get the update from microsoft

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    Re: pb with wsus


    How do you know that there is something wrong with your wsus?

    1. Is GPO configured corectly?
    2. Is GPO applied to client computers? (Run gpresult from comand prompt, to see if the GPO is applied or not to your computer)

    Please get back with more details.
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      Re: pb with wsus

      I just started a similar thread with more info, perhaps you can help:
      text of the thread
      "We have a new WSUS 3 server. CLients pulled updates from the 2.0 properly. All clients are configured to pull from the wsus fqdn. This is set in a GPO and can be seen in the registry. Now we are just starting to Sync the new server, and it has NOTHING approved for pushing to clients. But somehow, we still have machines getting updates.

      "One user keeps uninstalling IE7, and it reinstalls everyday! THis box is set in the reg and by gpo to use our server. From our WSUS box reports it shows this box has recieved no updates. Are these boxes somehow pulling updates from somewhere else? Is there a WSUS Guru who can help?!"


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        Re: pb with wsus

        Foze, what you have done is very naughty. Double post and thread hi-jack and it is 10 months old to boot. 2 week ban for these rule breaches.
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