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Hiding user profiles in Server 2003

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  • Hiding user profiles in Server 2003

    Hi all, have been dealing with permission issues on my 2K3 Server box, specifically user profiles. I have all the profiles stored on one drive, and any user can look at any other users profile thru explorer. Short of manually hiding each master folder under the share, (and then removing the "Show all files" feature in view for every client) is there a painless way to do this that I've missed? The share is set up as F:\homedir and the user profile path is \\homedir\username\profile. If I set more restrictive permissions, then the user can't load the profile and it defaults to local - but if I leave it as is, they can browse other's files. Thought hiding the folders would work better. Any thoughts? TIA,

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    its old solution from NetWare and i have no idea if it will work on 2003 , but try it

    1.restrict view of \\homedir\ to addministrators only \\homedir\username\profile and \\homedir\username
    give full access for "username"

    Theoretically it should make "username" to use
    \\homedir\username\profile and \\homedir\username

    and all others , non addministrator gain "Access Denied"
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      Yes, you are right, if you just give read on NTFT permission for all profiles except the owner of the profile, that should work perfectly well
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        Cool, I'll try that and let you know!