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Roaming Profiles permissions

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  • Roaming Profiles permissions

    Hi all,

    I have a group of people that require roaming profile. when I tried to access the roaming profile on the server as Domain admin, i get access denied.

    I applied GPO on the roaming profile at the Domain level to add Administrator security group to the roaming user profile share. but when I tested it, I still get access denied.

    is there a way how to do this without having to take ownership of the folder? I would like to have a policy that will allow domain admin to every raomong profile that get created.


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    Re: Roaming Profiles permissions

    the only way i know is to log on the profile folder with the folder owner cause the permissions for the roaming profile aren't inherited so u must allow inheritane on them perhaps u can do that from the parent folder to allow inheritance to be prpogated to the whole proile folders