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Home Folder for Domain Users Issues

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  • Home Folder for Domain Users Issues


    I have few questions with regards on creating of Home folders for Domain Users. I have 1 Main Domain Controller and 1 additional domain controller (using as backup) in my domain.

    As per normal setting, all my users home folders are currently pointed to the main Domain controller which i have set it using the user profile method.

    However, in view of the main domain controller is down and not working. How do i ensure that my users will still have access to their home folders? I plan to do the following

    1) Make backup of user home folders to the additional domain controller
    2) Redirect the setting in each user profile to the additional domain controller (eg. \\<additional domain controller name>\<%username%>$?

    I would think this method will work but is wondering whether is there a better way of doing?

    Appreciate your advice. Thanks