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  • urgent help needed


    i have SDSL connection with 512 dedicated speed
    my colleague in the other country am making the WAN with him is having ADSL connection with speed of 512 his speed in uploading is 170k and in download is 512 kb

    is it possible that we join the domains with this speed or the speed must be higher
    and can the connection be made over ADSL connection or we must change to SDSL

    cause currently an error appear but is indicating nothing in the event viewer

    [the error that appears is

    the wizard can not autenticate to domain controller.....(the domain name) using the supplied credentials
    the service did not respond to the start or control request in timely fashion

    while the user i supplied to the user to help to connect to the forest is member of domain admins and enterprise admins and schema admins

    as this error due to speed or what really i need your help guys
    also time is synchronized correctly and also the DNS is queried right when you launch nslookup everything works correctly
    so can i have your help here

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    Re: urgent help needed

    Right, from what i can gather you have 2 sites. Lets for instance say 1 is HQ and 1 branch.

    Between you you have at the quickest 1 ADSL 512Kbps line. Remember you can only go as fast as your slowest link.

    What i would imagine you need to do is the following.

    1. Create a VPN connection between both external interfaces of your network. I use Sonicwalls for this.
    2. Install AD at HQ and create domain. This i am presuming you have already done.
    3. Install a new server in the other location and create a new DC in an existing forest.
    4. Make new DC in branch a Global Catalogue.

    Really to give more help we will require alot more information regarding the connection of both sites.

    How are they connected currently??
    Do you have any VPN's setup??
    Do both HQ and Branch have a static IP??

    I'm sure there are more questions that will need answered but lets start here.


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      Re: urgent help needed

      thx for your response and let me tell you the answers that u wanted

      the two branches are connected throug GRE tunnel using cisco systems between the two sites
      the two sites have real IPS
      and there is no policies or vpn connections the tunnel is a GRE mode tunnel and i can ping their machines with no problem so what do u think pal


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        Re: urgent help needed

        sorry for not enclosing this question with my answer

        sometimes while i am pinging on the other side u can get reply from the other side and then 1 request timed out but its only one and i know that the connection must not be cut while installing active directory but it don't last even for a sec
        let me ask u something i thought
        if i stopped the replication between sites till i join the domains will this make any difference or what do u think


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          Re: urgent help needed

          Do you have 2 seperate domains setup?? 1 at each site?? This could then be settting up trusts.

          Where is the root of your domain?? Is it at your site or the other site?? If this is one big domain.

          Is your domain working properly, DNS, WINS, etc, etc?? Can your clients browse the machine on the other network??

          What are your ping speeds like???

          Please forgive my ignorance regarding GRE Tunnelling. I have never used it so don't really know how it works. It seems like it is a dedicated type of VPN. I would be happy for more info.


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            Re: urgent help needed

            hi thanq 4 your care very much

            first no there is no 2 separate domains but my pal in the other country is trying to set it as new domain in an existing forest the forest is in my side
            the DNS is working properly i don't have wins installed

            the pinging speed is not very fast but really i can't remember it

            i can log to his machine through the start run and writing \\computer name from my work station