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  • IIS and Frontpage

    I am trying to configure IIS for use with frontpage... I have add the frontpage component in add or remove programs, Allowed the frontpage extensions in IIS and configured the default web site for front page extensions in IIS... When i open the web page of my virtual directory and click on File, Edit With Microsoft Office Frontpage, the page opens in Front Page but I am not able to use the full functionality of Front Page such as in the View menu I am not able access Folder, Remote Web Site, Navigation, etc...

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    Re: IIS and Frontpage

    I believe you need to open Front Page first, then inside Front Page, open the website which by default is under \inetpub\wwwroot\

    I've tried a few times in vein to make Front Page server extensions work properly along with web pages published by Front Page and have given up each time as things just don't work right.

    I still use MS Front Page to manage websites but I don't use it in conjunction with the Front Page Server Extensions.
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