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Server parsing requests to proxy

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  • Server parsing requests to proxy


    The developers here have a server that is making web requests through an ISA server. The process runs as a service and nobody is logged into the server but it still insists on making all web requests through the ISA server.

    I do not want it to use the ISA server as this generates a time-out error message. Therefore I want to clear the configuration item that is doing this and have the server send web requests directly out.

    I have tried logging on as the service account and I have removed all profile information but it still does this.

    I'm not sure how to begin to diagnose this issuse. Some assistance would be handy.


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    Re: Server parsing requests to proxy

    Try to change the settings through the service/program properties
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      Re: Server parsing requests to proxy

      That's where I guess the issue lies but the developers do not have a clue where that may be.

      So looks like this is not getting very far.


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        Re: Server parsing requests to proxy

        i didn't understand exactly what your configuration is...

        the application is running on a server, and it makes web requests to the ISA proxy ?

        is there any kind of GPO the redirects proxy ?
        technicly, each application should have its own proxy settings, but some applications are built based on Internet Explorers proxy settings.

        try to access the server with the account the program/service is running with, and check internet explorer proxy settings. if there is nothing there, the setting you seek can only be somewhere in your application.
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          Re: Server parsing requests to proxy

          Thanks Shai

          That is exactly what I did and the course of action that I undertook.

          It seems I have done the right thing and this setting is application specific.

          Typical of our developers here, they have configured something into their application and then look to the systems guy to fix it!!!