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Cant access SUS web page on server

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  • Cant access SUS web page on server

    I am currently studying for my Microsoft 70-291 exam.

    I have set up two servers on my home PC under Virtual PC using the evaluation version of Windows 2003 server.

    I installed IIS on one server and then downloaded SUS from the microsoft web site and ran it. After the install completed IE attempted to open http://localhost/SUSAdmin but returned the message "You are not authorized to view this page". I've tried adding the site to the list of trusted sites but no joy.

    I've gone through IIS Manager but can't find anything there.

    Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?


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    Re: Cant access SUS web page on server

    Hi there gsaint,

    You likely have NTFS permissions on the web server that is denying one or more of the following accounts: Network Service, IUSR_<server name>, IWAM_<server name>.

    It could also be the web server denying one of the accounts/groups above a specified logon type (usually logon type 2 or logon type 3).

    I usually investigate these types of issues by enabling auditing for failure events in the local policy of the machine. I also enable failure auditing on all the hard drives of the servers, but specifically you'll need to enable failure auditing for the drive where IIS is installed in addition to the location where SUS is installed.

    Attempt to use your SUS Server, and then immediately look at the security logs on the SUS server to identify what is being blocked and where.

    The following tool from Microsoft is also extremely useful for troubleshooing authentication/access issues with IIS servers:
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