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After restore no acces AD

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  • After restore no acces AD

    Currently we try the various ways of backup in an test environment for us to get an DC backonline asap.
    We first installed an clean installation of server 2003, then we restored the backup from an DC on that clean installation we just prepared.
    When ready, the system need to reboot in order to make the change.
    After the first reboot the Active Directory was available, furthermore we did do not apply any changes.
    Then the system stated that it had installed all devices and need to restart one more time.
    After the second reboot, Active Directory was no longer accesible, dns and wins was no longer available as well.
    Next after trying to acces the domain and trusts, there is no Active Directory available.
    I thought that probarly the problem occured due to an SID issue and started NTDSUTIL and applied an duplicate SID cleanup.
    After an reboot there's still no Active Directory accessible.
    Who can help?

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    Re: After restore no acces AD

    Verify that you are not booting up into AD Restore Mode.

    Check all services that are set to "Automatic" startup mode. Look for any services that are not running on the domain controller. Particularly DNS and NETLOGON.

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