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    I have just added an additional domain controller to a 2000 single domain. Everything seems fine, replication working etc, however when I look at the SOA records on each server within the DNS console, both servers point to themselves. The SOA record should point to server 1 however server 2 states that the SOA record is server 2. I have gone into the DNS console on server 2 and have tried to change the SOA to server 1, how ever it reverts back to server 2.

    Can someone please assist me on this matter and advise me how I may correct this



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    Re: DNS SOA Record

    If the zone is AD integrated, this is a normal behavior. Because AD integrated zones are writable on all the DNS servers, they will always point to themselves.

    The notion of Master/Secondary does not apply on AD integrated zones.
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      Re: DNS SOA Record

      Thanks for the explanation. Been struggling on that most of the day

      In the configuration of DNS, being that it is active directory intergrated, is there any need to tick "allow zone transfers". I guess the replication for DNS is done within Acive Directory?

      Also within the network settings, it is advisable to point each domain controller to its own ip address within DNS or point to itself then the other domain controller.

      Appreciate your help