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  • Windows 2003 sp1

    I am unable to browse my network from my Windows 2003 SP1 Domain Controller. I can go to any system if I put the nam ein the address bar ie \\computer1\c$. However, if I goto My Network Places
    =>Entire Network => Microsoft Windows Network => Domain no systems show up. Please help.

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    Re: Windows 2003 sp1

    How complex is your network?
    How many machines share the same subnet with your Win2k3 DC?
    Who is the Master Browser for your subnet? There's a good chance that your Win2k3 SP1 DC is the master browser on your subnet unless you have other Win2k3 SP1 DCs on the same subnet which have a longer uptime.

    You can check the browse master status of your DC by running the following command at a command prompt:
    nbtstat -n
    What are the results?

    If you don't know who the master browser is on your subnet, you can find out quickly with the browmon.exe Windows Resource Kit utility.

    Anyway, the way this is supposed to work (at least in the NT4 days and I haven't heard that this has changed much) is that each subnet has a Master Browser which is responsible for keeping tabs on the population of clients on its subnet. It keeps track of host names and shares which it maintains in its browse list.

    All Master Browsers report their browse lists to the Domain Master Browser which in the NT4 days was the PDC. In Active Directory I'm guessing it's going to be the PDC Emmulator. The Domain Master Browser maintains the aggregate sum of all lists in a master list.

    The master list above is distributed to Backup Browsers, which there are 1 to a few on each subnet depending on how many hosts there are on the subnet. Clients requesting to browse a server list (such as through Network Neighborhood) receive the list of machines through a Backup Browser on the subnet.

    In the old days, browse lists were dependent on WINS. If this process has changed significantly since the invention of Active Directory, I haven't read about.

    Now, is this your production work environment or is this your home lab environment?

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      Re: Windows 2003 sp1

      Jason, not much changed in Netbios world since NT
      The old mechanisms are still there and working the same way (and still nightmare to troubleshoot).

      Luckily, if you have DNS configured correctly (and/or are using WINS), this only affects the Network Neighborhood (which is still using Netbios for building the computer list)
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