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problem with novell and windows 2003

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  • problem with novell and windows 2003

    i have 2 server
    1 windows 2003 server with AD :
    - domain name :
    - computer name : mountech-srv1
    - BiosName : Mountech

    1 netware novell server 3.12 : serverName : mountech

    i have a problem with the Name of 2 server because both of it is MOUNTECH

    please read information below

    my company have 60 client :98 , XP, 2000pro ... and i installed all of it "novell client service " (downloaded from website -- the lastest version)

    everything is good with win98 ,
    - it can logon by user in 2003 and novell ,
    - run logon script on server2003 and novellserver ,---> can map drive on 2 server
    - access to share folder in novell and 2003
    - use Exchange mail on server....

    and the same with win2000pro :
    - can join domain
    - can login to both of novell and 2003
    - can run logon script both of 2 server
    - can access share folder
    - can use Mail Exchange .....

    -------------------> eveything okie with win98 and 2000pro

    But XP

    1-- not join to domain 2003 :
    I don't join computer winXp to domain 2003 , i've just installed "client for novell service " it work good with novell server : can run script , can access share folder ----> everything OK

    2 - join to domain 2003
    I join computer to domain 2003 . everything ok with server 2003
    - run logon script
    - access share folder
    - map network drive
    - use mail Exchange .....
    but it can not access share folder in novell server : it can run script logon, can map network drive . i can see the map drive of novell server in "Mycomputer " but i can not access ....

    but.... when i go to "my nework place "------ > novell connection------> Mountech (name of novell server) -----> share folder ----> okie - can access!!!!!
    after access folder by "my network place " -----> i can access network drives (of novell) in "my computer"

    any idea for this porblem? i can access it by "my network place" but my boss and all user can not do that ----> they're not IT

    --------------> please help me to find solution!!

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    Re: problem with novell and windows 2003

    Please try to disable SMB sign on the domain:

    Also, please note that Novell 3.12 isnt support product anymore
    and using Novell & MS isnt supported by Microsoft also.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: problem with novell and windows 2003

      When you ran the Novell client32 install on the XP machines, did you choose the option to do a bindery connection or an nds connection?