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Java Virtual Machine in Windows 2000 SP4

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  • Java Virtual Machine in Windows 2000 SP4

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post so I'll try to make my problem as clear as I can!

    I am running a trial version of windows 2000 which is integrated with service pack 4. As some of you may know when Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 4 is installed from a “slip-streamed” or “integrated” installation CD the MS JVM is not installed and newer versions of the JVM cannot be added to the system.

    When trying to install JVM I get the error..

    "The microsoft virtual machine you are attempting to install is a protected system component and can only be updated with a later release of the operating system or service pack."

    Now I have a study material that requires JVM to be installed for it to function. I have tried using Sun's Java Platform 1.4.1 and ive also tried 1.4.2 as a replacement, but they do not solve my problem.

    SO! What I would like to know is, if anyone might know of a way that JVM can be installed on windows 2000 service pack 4, or any other ideas!?

    Hope someone can help,



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    Well.. I worked out my problem and decided that I would post how I fixed it, so that if anyone else comes across the same problem the answer is always here (so long as the moderators dont mind?!)

    It was quite simple really. If you try to install the latest version of Java Virtual Machine with SP4 it basically wont allow the installation. In order to install JVM you need to install "Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Build 5.00.3805". This will install with no problems. Then if you wish you can visit windows update and download and install "816093: security update microsoft virtual machine". Easy!