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Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)

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  • Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)


    We seem to be getting file replication warning consistently as follows
    which is leading to file corruption on many occasions. Please help. Any
    insights will be helpful.

    The error is as follows:

    The DFS Replication service has been repeatedly prevented from
    replicating a file due to consistent sharing violations encountered on
    the file. The service failed to stage a file for replication due to a
    sharing violation.

    Additional Information:
    File Path: U:\documents\aaa\xyz\Project\Log\D0F0E100
    Replicated Folder Root: U:\documents
    File ID: {860CD748-024A-4C8C-B631-1CB63E43E74E}-v1730209
    Replicated Folder Name: documents
    Replicated Folder ID: C2DA75BC-AADA-4DA8-A5DE-87AD4A416A48
    Replication Group Name:\server\documents
    Replication Group ID: 15F3E86A-6F27-4514-8CC3-5622D31CD9DD
    Member ID: 6A1B7396-DCEC-4CC8-A412-3AF951712280


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    Re: Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)

    Dear tornado579,

    This MS article KB 822300 addresses directly the solutions to your issue.

    Also, you might want to check out this KB 319553 as well for further network troubleshooting.

    Give us a head up of how it goes.

    P.S. Hint: google the error message.



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      Re: Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)

      Thanks for your fast reply.

      I will check out the said KB's and give the update.
      BTW. the hint what you have given was the first thing i tried !!! But didn't come up with satisfactory responses.



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        Re: Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)

        Aloha all,

        I have researched this issue and have followed all the suggested fixes. I am getting hung up on using the frsflags.vbs script. I am trying (with all my brain) to enter the 'replicaname' and can not for the life of me figure what I am supposed to use there. I have tried all the names I know and get an error message stating that the object does not exist on the system. When I do an 'ntfrsutl -d server' I only get the SYSVOL replica set.

        I have Win Server 2003 R2 with one namespace (AllData) which includes 3 shared folders with hundreds of subfolders. Under 'Replication' in the DFS Management console I have the names of the three folders:\alldata\accounting\alldata\apps\alldata\share

        What am I doing wrong?



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          Re: Consistent file replication warnings (Urgent)

          I'm running into the same problem frequently with what appear to be Office temporary files. This has cropped up mainly since installing Office 2003. Major side-effect seems to be that Office is getting confused and not showing the files.