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  • RPC Locator Error

    I shifted my NT domain to Windows 2003 AD domain and network is running smooth.

    The problem is when ever any clien machine is unable to connect to the network e.g if network cable is unpluged it starts getting the RPC locator error(RPC Locator has encountered an error)

    The problem is with the Laptops when users are using Laptops at office they are connected to the domain and they work fine but when they use there Laptops anywhere else and they are not on there network they start getting error of RPC.

    What should be done in order to resolve this issue. My clients using Laptops are facing very difficulties.

    Where as when I was on NT domain no problem like this occur.

    Kindly help me.

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    Re: RPC Locator Error

    can u post more specific error messeges ? what OS version is on the laptops ? when does it happen (all the time or when doing something specific when not connected to the network) ?
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      Re: RPC Locator Error

      I am using windows XP and 2000 professional.

      I have Mcafee Enterprise Edition 8.0i and i discovered that this version of antivirus software is the problem when i unistall this software error goes now i am using Mcafee Enterprise Edition 7.0 and now everything is fine.

      But this is not a solution why Mcafee Enterprise Edition 8.0i creating this issue is there anyway to resolve this issue without removing this software.

      The RPC Locator error with Mcafee Enterprise Edition 8.0i is listed below.

      RPC Locator has encountered a problem and needs to close.

      Butr this only happens when computers are not on the network.

      Any solution with this version of antivirus software


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        Re: RPC Locator Error

        Hi there,

        Hello all! We have recently upgraded from Novell to Active Directory (windows 2003 server). I am using a laptop with XP SP2 and when not on the network I get a very similar error khizarkhan. This ONLY happens when my laptop is not connected to the work network. I have done the following to try and fix it:

        Removed SAV - this didnt work
        Stopped the RPC Locator service - this also didnt work
        Read through countless amounts of forums still no luck
        Finally I Re-installed windows and still get the error. We are about to roll out our new SOE to all our laptops so I really want to sort this out prior to rolling it out.

        Please let me know if anyone has ANY suggestions im willing to try.

        Thanks very much.


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          Re: RPC Locator Error

          Nafe, start a new thread and please do not hijack someone elses, even if it is several months old. Thank you.
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