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  • Firewall Exception


    We have different types of VLAN (different departments)
    One is a campus VLAN, and one is our VLAN.

    Now, both VLAN's have firewalls.
    The campus firewall is no problem, but our firewall is causing problems.

    And the problem is, we have a Active domain controller on our VLAN,
    and im wanting a machine on the CAMPUS VLAN to join the domain on our VLAN.

    But it's failing, and the solution is, that our firewall in blocking incoming traffic to do this.

    But i'm trying to find information on the port, it uses to join a domain...
    I tried ethereal, but it's not really giving me any information.

    So I was hoping if any of you guys, know what port number/protocol, it uses...
    to join the domain...

    Peter Lawlor

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    Re: Firewall Exception

    Interesting question!! From what I have been reading (if I understand it correctly) I take it that port 389 plays a part, however my interpretation may be incorrect. My apologies if I am giving you a bum steer.

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      Re: Firewall Exception

      thanks, that may help.