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NTFS permission problem

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  • NTFS permission problem

    Hi group,

    Hope you can help me with this one. I dont know what am i doing wrong.

    OS is windows 2003 in AD environment. This configuration is done on the server side:

    I have a folder called test under another folder called as Documents. Documents folder is
    shared. I have given full permissions for everyone group since i am going to control the folder accesses via NTFS permissions. So for test folder i have assigned the permissions
    only for that particular group and adminstrator.

    When i login from client machine and check the permissons via security tab for any folder
    under test folder i am able to change permissions from client side directly. I have tried
    all sorts of combinations but to my surprise none worked. I dont know what is going wrong here.

    Any sort of inputs will be of great help. Thanks in advance.



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    Re: NTFS permission problem

    What are the exact permissions assigned to the Test Folder?

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      Re: NTFS permission problem

      Let me take a wild guess and say the Share permission was left at the default Read Only. Share permission + NTFS permission = you can't change the sucker.
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        Re: NTFS permission problem

        Hi Man,

        I didn't quite understand what did you try to do with that folder (if you want to allow change of permissions or deny them). if you can post a list of exact share and NTFS permissions for the Documents folder and the test folder and also note which groups your test user is a member off, we will be able to provide further assitance.

        for the mean time, if you wish to understand NTFS a little more i higly recommand a 90min reading of the following guide:
        NTFS Permissions - BY windows IT Library.

        it is very comprehensive and will help you understand the file system much better.

        Best Regards,
        Yaniv Feldman
        Microsoft Security Regional Director
        Microsoft Management Expert
        MCSA, MCSE, MCT