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2003 Automated deployment Service

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  • 2003 Automated deployment Service

    Hello all,

    I'm just starting a project to roll out a load ofnew 2k3 boxes. The servers are all g4ml370s. The build which goes on them is quite longwinded if done manually, so i have been looking for a way to image them. The company its for wont pay for ghost, and wanted to use ris. Ris is no good for this purpose though as it only takes an image of C: Having a google about i discovered microsofts Automated deployment service, which sounds ideal for a roll out of bare metal boxes, and i have downloaded all the white papers and tech docs from MS. Strangely though there is not much info on this from anywhere other than MS, (I thought there would be some on here for example) so before i start I wondered if anyone had used ADS before and new of any potential probs i might encounter. Any ideas greatly appreciated,

    thanks in advance


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    Re: 2003 Automated deployment Service

    Hi jem,

    I have deployed several servers with ADS (only for test enviorment) and i must say that allthough its a very useful solution (when you get it up and right) you have to to work hard to get it to work properly.

    i have encountered problems mainly in configuring the distrbution itself and the entire part of multicasting.

    in the end, the technical documents covered most of what i encountered and what i haven't found in there, a quick google search brought up.

    if you need any specific help, just YELL
    Yaniv Feldman
    Microsoft Security Regional Director
    Microsoft Management Expert