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Restore 'C' drive letter designation?

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  • Restore 'C' drive letter designation?

    After deleting a RAID 1 setup, I proceeded to change the partition drive letters with disc the attempt to move the C designation to the system partition, it was "lost" once I removed it from another partition.
    Now what? The system cannot see a hard drive during authentication - and I can't reinstall the operating system since it can't find a hard drive!

    Even though this was a naive/ignorant blunder, it must happen enough that someone's got a remedy - I hope.
    Any sites to direct me? Help! (THanks!!)

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    What RAID hardware do you use? Try their technical support first as it is more of a RAID problem than a system one.

    I assume data recovery is not an issue? I would recommend using the suppliers disk or hardware to create a new RAID array and go on from there. If you do need data recovery I would recommend a specialist urgently!

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      As it turns out, I was able to have the C: assigned by the system by physically disconnecting the hard drives from the ide RAID controller (on motherboard) & reconnecting the drives to ide controller#1 ...on reboot, it designated the system partition as "c". I next reconnected the drives to the RAID controller and restored the RAID settings in its bios utility. A little unsophisticated but, hey, it worked!
      Thank you so much for your response...I truly apprecitated it!