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  • DNS Problem

    hi i have domain server 2003 and exchange server 2003. i configured all clinents computers outlook with exchange server mail address and pop 3 address. and i have enabled the Forwarders on DNS. but when i send recive mails from outlook it download mails only from exchange server not from pop3 server but when i put the isp dns server it downloads both pop3 and exchange server mails. but i don't want this. i want my local DNS server can download mails from pop3 server. what should i do

    plz help
    Gurdeep Singh
    www dot viennasolutions dot com

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    Re: DNS Problem

    i am asumming that you are trying to download emails to the outlook client only not to the exchange server?

    if so then you need to add a new account to the outlook as a pop3 account and then enter all the details

    if you are wanting to add them to the exchange server for many mailboxes then look at getting a pop3 downloader you can find many through google or



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      Re: DNS Problem

      yes this is true that i am downloading mails direct to the outlook and outlook has configured with pop3 and smtp address. it downloads all by isp dns server but when i configured my local dns server it gives me error to download mails. but internet is working on both dns.

      so what should i do
      Gurdeep Singh
      www dot viennasolutions dot com


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        Re: DNS Problem

        First of all DNS server could not download emails. Its roll is totally different. Its job is related to name resolution.
        Your internal users Outlook profile is configured with two mail accounts.
        MS Exchange MAPI and an external POP3 mail account. Is it correct?
        Your concern is related to name resolution. Your internal DNS server doesn't resolve the name of the external pop3 server. (to make sure that it is, run nslookup on any of your computer configured to use the internal DNS, nslookup, you should get something

        Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
        (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

        Server: YOUR DNS SERVER
        Address: IP

        Non-authoritative answer:
        Address: Public IP

        If the IP of is not correct continue the investigation of the forwarder DNS.
        Remove the forwarder and see if the name resolution is correct or not.

        Csaba Papp
        MCSA+messaging, MCSE, CCNA
        Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points where appropriate


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          Re: DNS Problem

          You will need to add an entry to your internal DNS that points to the pop3 server.