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  • AD Domain Move

    I would like some input as to the best course of action to move one AD domain to another.

    Current Setup:

    W2k3-SD Parent W2k-HI
    W2k3-SD Child

    Proposed Setup:
    W2k3-SD Parent
    W2k3-SD Child W2k-HI Child

    Action Plan:

    1. Created 2-way trust between SD Parent and HI
    2. Create New HI OU under SD Parent
    3. Use ADMTv3 to move users, groups, computers from HI to new OU (including DC's)

    Is this plan solid or is it possible to move the entire HI domain under the SD Parent en mass? The latter would be my ideal solution, however, I have not read anywhere that it is possible.

    Last, are there any implications involving the HI Exchange server in perfoming this move/migration.

    I asked the last questions in the Exchange group, but thought I may as well bring it up here also.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: AD Domain Move

    The migration looks like one forest to another forest.

    You can can use ADMT 3.0 to move users/groups/computers. You can also use Exchange migration tool or/and exmerge to movel mailboxes.;en-us;555040
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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