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Backup error, requesting media

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  • Backup error, requesting media


    I have been using NTbackup to do daily backups of data on our Win2k File server. Everything has been working great. I have scripts that run and start the backups daily, after the back up completes, there is an RSM eject comand which ejects the tape and places it in offline media. Suddenly I have been getting this error..

    Message from <servername> to <servername> on 3/23/2006 12:03:03 PM

    From: Remote Storage on <servername>
    User: System
    Subj: **Administrator Alert**

    Add "DLT" media to the Free Media Pool, or to the media pool "\RemoteStorage\DLT

    I dont understand why this is suddenly doing this.

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    Re: Backup error, requesting media

    After further examination I find this in the Application event log.

    Scratch mount operation for <RS-"servername"-5> cannot complete. Free media is not available. Add more free media. (0x81010011)

    I don't know what this is that is requesting free media. I think that a long time ago I saw this name <RS-"servername"-5> maybe in the scheduled tasks window, but it was deleted long ago?


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      Re: Backup error, requesting media

      ...Ok again, after searching around the web I have found this article in the Microsoft Knowledge base...

      However, we only have one tape drive, so I can't even do the syncronize media copies, PLUS it is disabled in RS. Yet, just like it says every hour it requests media be placed in the free media pool. Anyone have any ideas here?