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understand vpn connection

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  • understand vpn connection

    Good evening

    Let's say that I want my brother access to my computer to a shard folder. I config my computer in rras server to be vpn server, and I donít hang my internet connection

    Now I tell to my brother to connect to the internet and than to create a vpn connection.

    When he creates the vpn connection he putt's my ip that I have now (the ip that I get from ISP). Now only he needs to do type username and password that I

    Give him. And than he needs to access and type \\\sharefolder

    All that is true??

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    It all depends on what protocol you're using. L2TP will request that the user authenticate via a local user account. Other methods require a preshared key and are a bit more difficult to setup.

    But to answer your question - once connected he should be able to connect to computers on your network as if they were local.

    \\\sharefolder should work

    assuming he authenticated using a privileged account.

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