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backup problem

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  • backup problem

    hi all
    I have 2 server : AD and Mail-exchange 2003 (both of it use Windows server 2003 std)

    I run schedule Ntbackup on server AD . It worked but not perfect

    for example
    tape backup : 70GB

    folder "Root" 65GB : contain subfolder A,B,C......,X,Y,Z + file inside subfolder

    when NtBackup completed . (see in event view:The operation was successfully completed )
    i check the tape ,i see folder "root" and in folder "root" i only see subfolder A,B,C,....X but folder Y,Z can not see.
    and then I check folder X i see it loss some subfolder and file .
    check folder A,B,C... : ok - full

    please give me the solusion for this problem
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    Re: backup problem

    How are you running the backup??

    What are you selecting in your backup??

    Post screenshots of the screens in NTBACKUP if possible.