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DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

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  • DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

    Hi !

    i have a strage problem, and a good advice would be welcome.
    im working with : sbs2000 that configured as my DC, DHCP,DNS, MX.

    1. Every time i restart my server the "DNS Server" wont operate and everytime
    i need to go to services console, and start him manually (even that it configured there auto and start).
    2. My Exchange server works fine part of the day and then i start to recive complains the the mail dont go out.
    When i check the smtp out list there tons of messages stuck there.
    i found out that what is stuck the messages is that my DNS wont translet the adress of the message.
    Thats mean, if ill do NSLOOKUP and find the A record and MX record of the Destination,
    itll be added in the DNS Chach folder and the message will go out (after forcing it in the SMTP Virtual server).
    right now im doing it for messages that wont go out manually but that its not a solotion...
    and no, restarting the DNS service wont help, only NSLOOKUP manually.
    stange ha ?

    so if you ever come to a problem like that before, will glad to have a nice tip how to handle that situation.


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    Re: DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

    Do you have a forwarder setup so that if you intrenal DNS cannot resolve i will forward the request on??


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      Re: DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

      Also in the services.msc, set the DNS to try to restart after 1 or 2 mins on the recovery tab or find out what is taking so long to start that the DNS is starting so late.

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        Re: DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

        The DNS server on my DC relies on both these services

        NT LM Security Support Provider
        Remote Procedure Call(RPC)

        Are both these services starting OK?


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          Re: DNS translate problems (effect mx server)

          Create a SMTP connector.

          Please suggest whether the above solution will work fine to avoid mails to stuck in smtp queue: