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  • A tech's toolbag

    Hello All,

    Iíve been asked to put together a tool kit for someone that will be joining our team in a newly created role as a desktop and network support specialist. Having been out of the field for a few years Iím not as familiar with the latest and greatest essentials for a support person. So, I figured Iíd ask the experts, the folks who actually do the job. Any hardware, software or even websites like this one would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: A tech's toolbag

    This is not a Windows 2003 Server problem, therefore it is in the wrong forum. Don't have a problem with that, HOWEVER, there is a problem with your posting this same thread in FOUR different forums.

    Please do not do this again. Thanks. I would suggest this can either stay in the Lounge or the Misc Forums.

    Mod, please close this thread.
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