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  • System Volume Information Folder

    I have noticed on my Exchange 2003 server running Windows 2003 server that I have a folder called System Volume Information which is growing fast. It has gained over 15 gig in the past month. What is the purpose of this folder? Is this something I can empty or does windows have a setting somewhere to keep the size down?

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    Re: System Volume Information Folder

    Some info here


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      Re: System Volume Information Folder

      I have just noticed a 62gig System Volume Information on the data volume on my SBS 2003 box.

      I have checked out the link from Wullie but it does not reference anything for server versions, if there is one. My SBS 2003 server does not have system restore, or it was not installed as standard.

      After a bit of time on Google it is not clear if it is ok to delete this.

      1, what is the general opinion about deleting this?

      2, does it auto purge?


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        Re: System Volume Information Folder

        Switch OFF the Index Service and see if it goes down after a while (week or so)

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          Re: System Volume Information Folder

          Thanks Tieger, I will give it a try.

          For the mean time I have just removed it from the backup.