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Proper DNS setup?

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  • Proper DNS setup?

    I have heard two theories, and I am not sure which is correct.

    My current setup (which was done by someone I am not familiar with) is this:
    Domain controller running DNS
    Secondary DNS has it's TCP/IP connection pointing to the PDC for DNS. It's DNS server has no forwarder set up (so it goes to root if it fails).

    What I was told it should be is this:
    Domain controller running DNS
    Secondary DNS has it's TCP/IP pointing to ITSELF for DNS resolution. That DNS has a forwarder set up to the PDC.
    PDC forwards to root.

    Which way should it be and why?

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    here is my two cents: in the beginning when the office had only one DC (DC1) the DNS was set to the IP of DC1 for preferred and the secondary was left blank. the forwarder was set to the IP's of the ISP's DNS servers. when a second DC (DC2) was brought online (for redundancy's sake) there were some config. changes. on DC1 that had the PDC FSMO role the DNS set-up stayed the same (preferred pointed to itself, secondary left blank) and DC2 had it's preferred DNS set to the IP of DC1 and the secondary was set to the IP of DC2. the forwarder on DC2 was set to the ISP's DNS servers like DC1. the reason being that in case either DC goes down then the other one can continue servicing clients DNS-wise. now, so far as the reason why the DNS properties are set-up for the DC's that way is per a MS KB article regarding how to set-up DNS on multiple domain controllers. hope this helps...


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      Eaxctly what I needed to know! Thank you!