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Small Office Networking issue

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  • Small Office Networking issue

    I want to install a Small Office Network with two computers linked directly by a crosscable. The configuration is the following:

    Computer A: Windows XP home with ADSL modem (to the internet) and network card (to link to computer B)
    Computer B: Windows XP profesional with a Network card (to link to computer A)

    I run the Windows XP network setup wizard on computer A to share its Internet connection.

    I run the same on computer B to access the connection via the first one.

    Everything fine until here. The problem I have is that both computers do not see each other (they are logically in the same workgroup), nor I can access Internet directly from B.

    Yet, if I set the Windows Update to download the updates on computer B, it does it, so it connects to the internet via the other computer. Actually, it receives an IP address from computer A.

    Any idea about what I have missed ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Do you have the ICF enabled or Simple File Sharing?


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      Yes, both are enabled. Actually, the ICS seems to be working for the automatic update


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        ICF = Internet Connection Firewall. Make sure it is disabled. It is in the Advanced tab of the Local Area Connection Properties page.
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          try this link



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            you can try connecting from computer B to computer A by the Ip address and not Computer name meaning click on start, point to run and then
            \\computerA IP address\sharename.
            I just want to know if the problem is from the name resolution.
            Best regards,
            Mostafa Itani

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              Thanks to all of you

              I finally found out which was the problem with this connection. Actually, the computer B had installed Norton Firewall. Just disabling it made everything work fine.
              I am still ungry with myself for not having thought of such an obvious thing.
              Anyway, thanks to all of you for your suggestions.



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                Question regarding Internet connection sharing

                Hi Pablo,
                I recently posted a similar question as I am having trouble setting up my ICS to work properly.
                I too, have 2 WinXP Pro workstations one of them has ADSL and each computer has a ethernet card. They are connected via crossed cable.
                Could you please explain to me what are the steps you did to configure the connection properly?
                Please be specific on every check box or radio button that you chose, bcause I have tried some tutorials and they did not work for me.
                Also, I saw that you mentioned to DISABLE the firewall, but on which connection...? The ADSL connection or the LAN connection on both PC's...?

                Thanks again.
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                  From Pablo's first post, he had Norton Firewall (a third party piece of software) installed on the computer which was NOT directly connected to the ADSL. Does this apply to your systems?

                  I will reply to your main post with some suggestions

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