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Write but not edit permission??

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  • Write but not edit permission??

    I have a user who wants to allow users to create new files in a shared folder but doesn't want them to be able to edit old files.

    I'm sure write permissions will allow them to create files but will also let them edit files - does anyone know of a good way of allowing files to be created but not edited, is it a case of removing the write access from all existing files and then allowing write access on the folder they're in or should I create a writeable sub folder for new files and remove write access from all other folders?

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    Re: Write but not edit permission??

    Modify your folder NTFS security in the following way.
    1. Make sure that Creator owner has Full control (by default it does)
    2. Assign write permission to the Users group, go to the advanced settings and edit the permissions assigned to this group. Uncheck Create folders /Append date.
    In this way regular users will be able to read all files, create and edit owned ones (created by self) but won’t be able to modify other users file.

    I hope this is what you need.
    Creating subfolders with proper ACL would be another solution (maybe better one)

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