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Authorising Terminal Server Applications

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  • Authorising Terminal Server Applications

    Hi there.

    Wonder if anyone here could be of assitance.

    I have windows 2000 server running SQL and MBS for our internal accounts department.

    I won;t to enable them to login using Terminal Services so that we don;t have to install all the client software on each PC everytime. However i have heard somewhere that you can deny certain applications from running and only allow the application that you want them to use.

    Is there anyone here that would be able to guide me in the right direction as i do not want to allow more access than is already given.
    Sure you all understand what it is like having users snoop all over the place.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Authorising Terminal Server Applications

    You could force users to have a mandatory profile when the log onto the server and use group policy to lock down the server i.e. hide c:\ drive and disable run etc etc

    I'm pretty sure citrix can also do the trick but it's quite expensive but gives you loads of additional functionality.

    You might also want to look at software restrictions.

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      Re: Authorising Terminal Server Applications

      If you only have 1 application you need to run then you can set this up on the TS Configuration | Environment tab.

      It will automatically load the app and when they close the app it also logs off the server.

      If you have multiple apps then you will need to do as m80arm says.

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        Re: Authorising Terminal Server Applications

        I suppose that i could create short cuts under the default user profile? That should create the shortcuts on each user that logs on's desktop. Now just to prevent them from changing things. :\


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          Re: Authorising Terminal Server Applications

          Ok i found a kuch easier way around this.

          I opened remote desktop connection and created everything in the connection that i needed, including the run program function that is available and saved it to the desktop of the user.

          Now when they open the RDP connection and logon to the server it automatically runs the application and only that application and does not allow them any access to anything else on the server, the desktop is blank if the application is minimized.

          Once the user is done and close the application the RDP session automatically disconnects.

          Ahhh the wonders of XP.

          Thanks though guys.