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Problems with my Domain

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  • Problems with my Domain

    I have some problems in my Domain and I would like to get your help for that.
    I have 2 computers in my home Domain:
    1. server 2003
    2. XP PRO
    3. XP PRO.

    all the computers are connected to 8 ports switch and the switch is connected to a router.
    all the machines get a 192.168.1 address(and can surf the net), and I gave the server 2003 a manuall address from this class, after I've made him a DC using DCPROMO.
    there is a excellent "ping" between all the computers, when I use the IP's and the names of the computers
    after I've made the 2003 a DC, I've joined the xp to the domain, but then all the problems started.
    in 2003 I've Created in the AD an OU, and put there a user account, and moved there the computer account of the XP computer.
    I've tried to log on with that user, ant it tells me the that the Domain is not available, but when I try to log on with the administrator account of the Domain, everything is o.k, and I can log in successfully
    I'v even tried to join the user to the Domain Admins group, and to create a new OU, but nothing helps.
    Some friend has adviced me to add a DNS address in the XP, using the DC ip, but it didn't helped either, and even worse - it doesn't let me log on even with the Admin account(after using FlushDNS of course)
    anyone knows what can be the problem?

    another problem - when I log on with the Admin account to the domain, it takes about a minute till it gives me the Desktop, But when I log on locally, it doesn't, why is that?


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    Re: Problems with my Domain

    Is DNS installed and configured correctly on your DC??

    Are your clients pointing to this for DNS?? I would assume not as it would seem to me that your router is issuing DHCP addresses.

    Add a DHCP server on your DC and configure that to issue IP addresses int he required range. Disbale the DHCP server on your router.

    Go here for some help setting up the server.

    Post back and let us know how you get on.


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      Re: Problems with my Domain

      I'll give it a shot.