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internet connection/email problems

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  • internet connection/email problems

    I recently upgraded from Win98SE to WinXP Pro (SP1)...
    I've got a dial up account, that due to a bad phoneline is limited to about 28-33k
    None of the problems im having now were happening in Win98SE

    I'm having major problems with my internet connection.
    most of
    the time I can't send any email via outlook express and keep getting "Your SMTP server has not responded in 60 seconds. Wait/Stop" errors.
    I know that the account details are right, because it works *sometimes*.

    Things like SmartFTP seem to be unable to keep a connection open for more than a few seconds when sending files...making FTP useless.

    Programs like virus scanners can't download updates (I need to do it
    manually from the website)...

    I couldn't even upload a word doc to a Yahoo group today.

    Don't even mention trying to send files via MSN or mIRC :P
    In fact, MSN just seems to stop sending my messages to one certain contact now and again. I'll just be chatting away one moment, and the next she's going "Hello? You there? Stop ignoring me!" while i go "I'm here!? WTF? Hello?"... No error messages or anything =/

    These problems all seem to be connected (ie problems with outgoing traffic), but I have no idea what is causing them. Maybe a service that isn't running or a setting *somewhere*.

    I've disabled the windows firewall, and I've tried a few modem init strings and updated the drivers... Nothing seems to have much effect.

    Just incase it helps... I've got two accounts on this PC - my admin one and one for my mother to check her email etc.
    Occasionally, switching users to her account and trying to email/upload from there works. I did it today to upload the file to the Yahoo group (the Internet connection was established from my account).
    My account has been renamed (full name and username) once or twice, but I don't think that could have much of an impact on my connection problems...

    This problem is getting pretty serious as i need a working connection for my uni classes...
    Any help at all would be much appreciated


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    internet connections/email

    I know that the account details are right, because it works *sometimes*.
    Have you contacted your ISP ? The vast majority of dial-up ISPs provide free phone support. How long is your phone line from your modem to the wall jack ? If it's more than 6 feet, your signal will be weak.

    If you've checked that, I'd suggest calling your phone company. You may have hardware problems (bad line out, old phone jack, outside connection box wiring is corroded).


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      good advice - the phone cable is faily long, but unfortunately it's necessary I havn't had problems with it - using the right init string i dont get DCed or suffer much signal degradation...

      I called my ISP and after a while they dug up some info on a badly configured Telstra (phone company) exchange that had been causing similar problems...

      Long story short, the connection magically sorted itself out a day or two ago, and my ISP called to tell me the problem had been resolved

      Now to cancel all those line test I arranged with Telstra.... meh:P

      Anyhow, thanks!
      Problem solved ^^