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Trouble joining new domain.

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  • Trouble joining new domain.

    I've set up a brand new server based on the instructions found on this site (which is how I found this forum). Everything went well and all checked out from the server side, however when I try to connect the pc to the domain, I get a message saying "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted."

    The server is Windows Server 2003.

    The machine I'm connecting on is XP Professional.

    It does prompt me for username and password, so I know that it sees the domain, but errors after I enter the correct user name and password for any user. I know it must be checking at least the password against the server because if I enter an incorrect password, then it tells me that.

    Any ideas? When I was testing Server 2003 out many months ago with a friend of mine, I believe we had the same problem, but I do not recall what the resolution was.

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    Re: Trouble joining new domain.

    Ok, even stranger...I tried it with another computer that's on the network (same XP setup)...and that one did indeed join the domain successfully. Now this office does have one hub which piggy backs off of the router so that I could get more ports in here, but I don't think that would do it. Strange that one computer allowed and the other didn't. I'll have to check the others and see what happens with them. Any guesses now that it's narrowed down?


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      Re: Trouble joining new domain.

      Welp, I guess you can learn to help yourself when in a pinch

      The first time I tried to connect I used our domain name as VISTA.COM Later I realized that I simply needed to type VISTA, however before I switched to just VISTA, I came across some fix from ms's site which told me to run... net start rpcss

      I'm not sure exactly what that does, so I guess I'll look into it, however I just decided to run "net stop rpcss" and that seemed to clear it up. DOH!


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        Re: Trouble joining new domain.

        Why is your RPC service stopped? There are some services that need to be running in order to be able to work in a domain, RPC and NETLOGON are a couple.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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          Re: Trouble joining new domain.

          You can join a machine to the domain using the domain FQDN or Netbios name.
          If the netbios name of your domain is VISTA then both of them should be able to join to the domain.

          The generic error message The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." means that the client was not able to resolve the domain name to find a DC. Stopping the RPC on the domain controller is going to cause more issues in this case.

          If the issue is just with one client then you may wanna check some basic things like is the client able to ping the domain controller. Can you resolve the domain name.

          Tests from the client side
          ping <FQDN of the DC>
          nslookup <FQDN of the Domain>