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help .... in one way truths domain

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  • help .... in one way truths domain

    Please Guys I neeed your help…..

    I have two domain in two different site. Both has windows 2003 server with active directory.

    Domain #1 is : "Head Office"
    Domain #2 is : "Branch Office"

    I already create a one way truths between the two domain. To explain : domain truths domain but dose not truths domain

    Employees in logon to xyz domain not in abc domain.

    I need employees in domain to access internet and e-mail services in domain

    Everything run fine EXPECT when employ in domain try to run outlook to check emails a popup username and password windows appear for authentication. This also happen when employ try to use the internet.

    Note: if any employ in domain logon to domain the popup authentication dose not appear. But I need all employ in to logon to xyz without any popup authentication for username and password.

    Please I need help..

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    Re: help .... in one way truths domain

    Sooooooory guys

    truths = trust


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      Re: help .... in one way truths domain

      Guys help Me.....


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        Re: help .... in one way truths domain

        I create the forest trust between the two domain. however, still the authentication window appear when any users try to use the outlook or the internet.

        both username and password in both domain are the same.

        I need user in the branch domain can access the any resource in the main domain without the popup authentication windows..

        Help me…