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Restoring DHCP

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  • Restoring DHCP

    hi there

    we have two Domain Controllers (DC) that provide DHCP,DNS and WINS services. One of the DC failed and I have had to rebuild it from scratch.

    AD, DNS and WINS are working fine. However I have been unable to restore the DHCP database from the backup tape. I have followed Technet Article and all seems to go okay but the scopes are not there!!

    The article also mentions some addtional steps but I don't have a copy of configuration key of my dead server.

    Any help would be very appreciated...


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    Re: Restoring DHCP

    Is there no documentation of the old server?

    You should be able to get most of the info from the other server.

    IP Address and subnet mask will give you your range.
    The DNS servers should ideally be pointing only to your internal DNS server for resolution.
    Your default gateway will be your router/firewall/proxy address.
    Your WINS servers will be your DC's.

    This should at least get you up and running.

    A little tip is to install DHCP on your second DC and setup the scope exactly as the first but DO NOT activate it. This will give you your settings and also a backup if the worst ever happens again.

    Also if i remember correctly the DHCP database is never properly backed up by backup software as th afile is in constant use.