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Windows File Server Issue

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  • Windows File Server Issue

    I have a windows 2000, dell 2850 server named as fs1,fs2,fs3 and so on
    1. when i open \\fs1 it takes a minute to open the list of shares.
    when i open by name \\fs1\share1, \\fs1\share2 opens instantly.
    and so for all other shares on fs1
    2. from Inside fs1 , i cannot open any other file servers by typing \\fs2 , fs3, or fs3
    3. no error is generated on os event log. not even in dell server administrators logs.
    what could be the reason.

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    Re: Windows File Server Issue

    1. Upgrade the server BIOS & Drivers.
    2. Disable scan of network driver in the Antivirus servers & clients managment tool.
    3. Try to use HP/Cisco/Nortel switch instead of regular switch.
    4. Verify correct DNS & WINS settings in the servers & clients computers.


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      Re: Windows File Server Issue

      can you open the shares when using the ip of the server instead of the name? for example \\
      are the file and printer sharing and the client for microsoft networks activated in the tcp/ip properties? (they probably are, just make sure)
      are the machines firewalled blocking the file and printer sharing? looks like the server can only connect to itself to open shares.
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        Re: Windows File Server Issue

        1. The same issue occurs with ip address also.
        2. WINS/DNS are ok
        3. This server is installed with latest dell server cd.
        4.we are using cisco switches.
        5. problem does not occur with other servers on the same subnet.
        6. Client for MS are istalled and no firewall as other servers are also on same subnet.
        will try disable network driver in mcafee scan and post back,
        But i am not able to understand why from inside server i cannot connect to other servers by \\fs2 or \\fs3. but if i map other share drives using My Computer it works.

        thanks Team


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          Re: Windows File Server Issue

          Ok..i have just disabled the antivirus but no success