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    I loaded MS Sharepoint on my W2/K3 web/exchange server and it caused some very undesireable results. I removed it through add/remove programs and that fixed the initial problems. However, since then, my website has slowed to a crawl (10 to 60 seconds to return results of product searches), and many times, it brings a browser to a log on screen when that was not the initial request. I looked in the regestry and there are several dozen references that are still there and there are 2 services (MSSQL$SHAREPOINT & SQLAgent$SHAREPOINT set to "manual") in the services MMC. Has anyone heard of any IIS interference from Sharepoint? btw, I had to re-enable ISUSR Anonymous permissions after uninstalling as well.

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    Re: MS Sharepoint

    I did some exploratory surgery. I found that MS
    Sharepoint loads two services in the "Services" MMC.
    One is "MSSQL$SHAREPOINT" and the other is
    "SQLAgent$SHAREPOINT". While neither service was
    "running" (I disabled them), they were loaded by
    default in the startup config file. I disabled the loading of
    these services by using "MSCONFIG" and this has
    restored the speed and reliability of my website. Why the calls to load these were not removed when the program was uninstalled, I can't imagine. Either way, the problem seems to be resolved.