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  • VPN Hide some pc

    i ve a ftp server under windows 2003 server (there 's also vpn)
    i ve put a vpn L2TP/IPSEC in my enterprise.
    When a user connect to the vpn, i't's ok!

    But my problem , he sees all workstations in my lan.
    I want to let him only use ftp on the server and hide him all computers except the server because he have to use ftp.

    How can i do that ?

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    Re: VPN Hide some pc

    I don't think you'll be able to hide them from the user as he/she is effectively on your LAN when they connect via the VPN.

    The only way i can think of is to turn off the computer browser servcei on all machines except the server. Please note though that no-one LAN or VPN will be able to see any computers other than the server.


    After googling the problem it would seeem that you would hide everyone from everyone.

    Could you not give an external address to the FTP that only the required users would know about. Give them usernames and passswords for that. This would mean they wouldn't need to connect to your network thus not showing the computers.
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