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3 net cards on 2000 server

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  • 3 net cards on 2000 server

    i use NAT on my 2000 server using "routing and remote access"
    and it works fine (dhcp, and dns also works)
    i have 2 network cards
    1 ---> cable modem
    2 ---->hub
    but now i want to add another network card and
    connect it to another hub (with ip in the same network)
    but when i connect other computer to the second hub
    he gets an address from the dhcp but i cant reach the internet
    and i cant ping the computer from the server (the server tries to ping
    through the wrong network card)

    can anyone help?


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    I'm not sure why you'd want to do this ... ? There's no need to use a seperate NIC for a client within the same broadcast domain as an existing subnet.

    Trying switching the gateway address on the client from the address defined in DHCP to the new NIC.

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      the reason i want to do this is that i
      want to use a software that limits send/recieve speed
      on a specified nic . so i can limit downloading/uploading speed
      for some clients


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        you can try

        I really did not get the correct figure but I think since you are not able to ping by computer name but it is successful pining the IP address meaning that you are haveing name resolution problem.

        While if you are unable to ping by pc name nor by IP address, that means you have a routing problem, I prefere you check the gateway for every subnet.

        If you want to limit the internet bandwith for the users, I recommend installing ISA, that way you can limit each user bandwith.
        Best regards,
        Mostafa Itani

        ** Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points where appropriate **