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  • Slow File Server


    I have a slow File Server. The File Server also plays the role of Mail Server ( MDaemon installed). There's about 50 workstations. All users must do their work on their mapped disk from the File Server. Most of them use MS Work, Excel, ....No local drive permitted.

    Hardware Configuration :

    + 2 x PIII 933 Mhz Processor.
    + 1 GB RAM.
    + 36 SCSI RAID1 + 300 GB SATA.
    + 100 MB NIC.

    Workstations -------- Switch Cisco 100 MB-----4 Server ( including File Server ).

    Could you give me an advice to increase the performance of the File Server ?

    Love in vain is better than love no one.

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    Re: Slow File Server

    Please consider to replace the server with server like:


    HP 380 G4 High Performance Model
    2* 3.4 GHZ + 2 MB Cache
    Floppy + DVD
    2-4* 1 GB RA, DDR 3200
    Advanced ILO2 License
    HP Array 6404 + 256-512 MB RAM
    2* 146 GB 15000 RPM
    2-4* 146 GB 15000 RPM
    HP SCSI Duplex Kit
    Dual Power Supply
    Redundant fan options Kit
    Optional: 64 Bit/133 MHZ Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter for backup library
    Rack Kit
    24/7 Warranty on Site

    and HP switch 10/100/1000 48 manage switch.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Slow File Server


      Thanks for your reply.

      With the server like that, I think it's too expensive for us.
      Love in vain is better than love no one.